Filip Skurniak

AI | Machine Learning | NLP Engineer

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Hi! My name is Filip. I'm a computer science graduate and software developer with more than 4 years of professional experience. Recently, I've been working on big data analytics and research in fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as an Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute in Poland. My professional interests are mainly: natural language processing, data science, graph databases, project management and solving big data problems in general.

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MSc Computer Science
Poznan University of Technology
(Data Processing Technologies)


BSc Computer Science
Poznan University of Technology

MARCH 2016


Shared Task on Metaphor Detection
Publication in proceedings of the Workshop on Figurative Language Processing, June 2018, New Orleans, LA
Multi-Module Recurrent Neural Networks with Transfer Learning. A Submission for the Metaphor Detection Shared Task
Developing tools (e.g. PushLetter [PL]) and chatbots for Messenger platform marketing. You can find more on our page:

Navigation for the blind - Microsoft Imagine Cup
Developing startup and custom IoT device with unique touch interface to enable easier navigation for the blind.

Design and implementation of algorithms for discovering dimensions in a graph (MSc Thesis)
Building a novel framework for automatic discovery of multidimensional concepts from graph databases. It involves analysis of graphs’ topology in order to discover potential dimensions and facts that can be used in multidimensional analysis. Main achivements of the thesis:

  • The solution was evaluated with the survey taken by persons with experience in data warehousing. Results showed that algorithm for discovering dimensions in graphs produces similar results to experts’ What is more:
  • The algorithm for a graph schema retrieval was created
  • The algorithm for discovering dimensions in graphs based on the algorithm for graph schema retrieval was designed and implemented
  • The heuristics used in relational databases were adapted to find factual concepts in graphs

  • Mobile system for monitoring Key Performance Indicators (BSc Thesis)
    System which enables users to vizualize their KPI's (quantifiable measurement for gauging business success) defined in OLAP cube. It integrates analytical databases with RESTful webservice and hybryd mobile application (iOS/Android). It consists of:

  • An analytical database with the OLAP cube implemented on the basis of a data warehouse (Microsoft BI, MDX)
  • Key Performance Indicators which are considered to be integral part of the Microsoft BI ecosystem
  • Hybrid, mobile application (IONIC Framework, Angular.js, JavaScript, HTML5, SASS) for visualizing key performance indicators
  • Web service which intermediates between a mobile client and the analytical database. (ASP.NET WEB API, REST, ADOMD.NET)
  • Microsoft Azure services for user mobile application
  • Eye anomalies analyzer

  • Medical system invented to describe characteristics of blood vessels in eyes or any other structure which can be describe as graph.
  • System uses SVG to visualize graphs which can be fully edited by user (adding nodes, adding connectors, resizing, labeling and adjusting position of elements).
  • Next step is converting SVG to JSON. The data stored as C# objects is treated as input to analytical part of the application.
  • Characteristics such as field, number of nodes and many more are calculated (in future any meta-parameters can be taken into account). In addition to that (just for tests) there is a flag set for every graph indicating whether there is an disease detected.
  • After gathering enough information analytical part of the application predicts which characteristics can cause disease.

    Natural Language Processing Engineer [ SAMSUNG R&D ]
  • Leading part of a project (strategy, research and development and business coopeartion)
  • Natural language processing using state-of-the-art neural networks architectures and machine learning techniques
  • Building machine learning pipelines
  • Research (topic modeling, knowledge graphs, classification problems)

    Junior Natural Language Processing Engineer [ SAMSUNG R&D ]
  • Natural language processing using state-of-the-art neural networks architectures and machine learning techniques
  • Building machine learning pipelines
  • Research
  • python, spark, scala, java
  • OCTOBER 2017 - FEBRUARY 2018

    Programmer/Designer [ IMPAQ ]
  • Microsoft Azure - cloud development
  • Development of cloud ETL for aircraft engines' data
  • Microsoft C# .NET development and design
  • ASP.NET web development
  • Cooperation with client
  • Oracle PL/SQL, T-SQL
  • Business Intelligence - OLAP cubes
  • Data warehouse
  • TDD, BDD, performance testing, integration testing
  • MARCH 2016 - APRIL 2017

  • I train business and technical specialists on advanced PL/SQL and T-SQL topics.

    Junior Programmer [ IMPAQ ]
  • Developing complex system which binds two different systems, creating workflows for documents, refactoring old code, implementing multi-layered business logic with an use of databases(T-SQL, PL/SQL) and .NET (winforms) and ASP.NET for international client.
    In addition to that, I was also responsible for implementing and supervising one module of project, changing estimates for clients, contacting them and providing them with merged with previous versions solution on client's test server during absence of Project Manager.
    What is more, I was greatly involved in implementing user interface in WinForms together with controls from Infragistics and migrating them to latest version.
    Whole projects demands creating documents such as invoices. As a result I was involved into creating plenty of Crystal Reports in connection with database.
  • In the past...
  • Basic Web development including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS
  • Providing solutions, and designing database model from scratch for ASP.NET(MVP) application
  • Developing basic ASP.NET application in which Model View Controller pattern was used
  • Testing financial application with an use of coded ui, preparing and modifying unit test cases
  • JULY 2013 - FEBRUARY 2016

    Application Development - Trainee [ IMPAQ ]
  • Creating C# desktop application involving data exchange with Active Directory.
  • Building WPF (MVVM) application connected to Active Directory which demanded writing and optimizing graphical algorithms and creating user interface.
  • Creating complicated automata able to scan, perform OCR and store old financial documents of different types. This project involved connecting tools like Robot Framework, custom OCR tools, Python libraries and .NET platform in general.